Ally Besse

Ally Besse Health and Fitness Coach, Matcha Drinker, and ItoMatcha Enthusiast

A knowledge hungry, life-loving health enthusiast, Ally graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in paleoanthropology all whilst sharing her health journey and developing her online businesses.

Ally was born in St. Barthelemy, a.k.a St. Barts, a.k.a St. Barns&Nobles where the unique blend of caribbean and french influences shaped Ally's outlook on life. By the age of 12, Ally had left for America and has since become bilingual in French and English.

Today, you would find Ally balancing an entrepreneurial lifestyle which focuses on being the best version of her while inspiring others to do the same. Having had success in the fitness world, Ally found that her physical health is closely tied with her mental, spiritual, and cultural health and is sharing the message of self awareness and happiness with whomever she can.


Ally's Take on Itomatcha:

"I was pretty skeptical at first when I wanted to try Matcha. 

I learned about all the health benefits and really wanted to give it a try, but I always heard that it didn’t taste great and on top of that, required a lot of work to make. 

After trying ItoMatcha, I found the perfect way to make it taste DELICIOUS. 

I’ve been making a homemade little latte as soon as I start my work every morning, and I feel amazing.

I feel more focused, energized, and awake throughout my day. 

I tried it once and never went back.

Definitely recommend ItoMatcha for a healthier, more productive way of life ♥️"


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