We've challenged any influencer to describe why they chose to partner with us in 5 sentences. Without further ado, here's why Emma has decided to partner up with us. We're so excited that she's a part of our team!

"I drink matcha because I love the natural caffeine. It doesn’t make me jittery or wired, just awake and feeling good! I also love the health benefits it offers. Plus it tastes great!

I usually drink matcha every other morning. I alternate tea and matcha.

I love a good Matcha Latte with macadamia nut milk topped honey and cinnamon.

In comparison to when ai used to drink coffee, I don’t struggle to fall asleep at night anymore. I’m very sensitive to substances so I’ve always struggled to find caffeinated drinks that aren’t too overpowering for me. Matcha is one of the few drinks I can have where I feel awake and ready in the mornings but still can unwind and fall asleep at night!"



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