We've challenged any influencer to describe why they chose to partner with us in 5 sentences. Without further ado, here's why Gina has decided to partner up with us. We're so excited that she's a part of our team!




I started drinking matcha when I saw my friend was drinking it every day, and hearing about all the health benefits made me want to try it out for myself. ☺

I’m a professional bikini competitor, and during my competitive season I’m pretty restricted with food choices and therefore flavors too, but coffee and tea are two options that I can always use to curb cravings with a little flavor. Coffee tends to upset my stomach when I have too much though, so matcha has been my go-to during the afternoon and evening!

My personal fav combination is matcha with hot water, lots of lemon and honey! (1/3 lemon & 15-20g honey in 8 oz water). I definitely noticed it helps me stay focused when normally I’d have my mid-day slump around this time! It gives me a little bump or energy, focus, but the flavor is honestly the biggest thing for me though. 😅 

Sipping on warm liquids itself can help curb hunger, but adding the flavor curbs the cravings too and helps keep me on track with my diet! ✨💜🌿"



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