We've challenged any influencer to describe why they chose to partner with us in 5 sentences. Without further ado, here's why Taylar has decided to partner up with us. We're so excited that she's a part of our team!


1. I am a major coffee drinker & matcha helps lower my caffeine intake & tolerance while still giving me energy & boosting my metabolism!
2. I drink matcha about once every other day but slowly increasing it because I’m getting so obsessed!!
3. I love making my matcha either iced with almond milk & honey or hot as a latte with steamed almond milk, stevia, cinnamon & a dash of honey.
4. I’ve notices matcha helping increase my energy, helping with bloating & my skin has cleared up some!
Thank you guys so much 💕




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April 07, 2020 — ito matcha