Environment Initiatives

What's a long term solution that to minimize our eco footprint?

As a company we create waste - that's a reality we take very seriously.

There are companies that simply switch to paper bags without considering the product. It's easier that way.

What if we told you that matcha gets stale within the month if stored in a paper bag? How do we balance a premium product that maintains it's aroma and flavours with our deeply rooted responsibility for the planet?

Well, it would take more than a knee-jerk reaction. We need to put time and money where our mouth is.

That is why we've created a durable, reusable 3-layer polymer bag that isolates our matcha from light and varying temperatures.  This keeps the matcha fresh for over 1 year! Every cup of matcha should feel like the first.

In order to find the balance, we package any reorder (unless told otherwise) in compostable paper bags to be transferred back into the original, reusable packaging.

It may be logistically more challenging for us, but that is how we find the balance. The itomatcha way, a way of intention and mindfulness. 

Just know, we are always looking for ways to minimize our footprint in every step of the process. We love when our customers offer ideas and suggestions in what they would like to see. That's how we grow!

Drink peacefully, and share with us your itomatcha morning routine!