ito modern matcha
ito modern matcha
ito modern matcha
ito modern matcha

ito modern matcha

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-USDA Certified Organic-

We're paving the future of matcha and we're NOT looking back! :)

The ito frother is the best way to save time in the morning and make the perfect matcha tea or latte every time!

We kept hearing how sometimes, you really can't take the time to make matcha the traditional way. We SO understand.

Put water and a scoop of any of our itomatcha powdered tea products into the ito frother and make the perfectly frothed tea every time!

Want to make a hot latte? Replace the water with your choice of milk or milk replacement and froth away! 


This frother is simple and beautiful. Put your matcha on to froth and go get your morning started. Within a minute - it'll be all ready to help you get those neurons firing. 

How to use the ito frother

Hot Froth: Press the button once to heat your drink to a nice 150°F

Cool Froth: Press the button twice to keep it at the same cool temperature

Frother Attachments: Insert 1 of 2 attachments to froth or stir your favorite drink. The attachments clip on magnetically for easy washing!

Enjoy with LOVE!  

Customer Reviews

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Jaylyn Gutierrez
My new love

Man I love this matcha. I don’t even reach for coffee in the morning anymore. I look forward to my latte every single day.

Great coffee replacement

Worried I wouldn’t like the taste. It’s pretty great.

Sooo frothy!

This was a fantastic purchase! I originally had a handheld electronic mixer and it was nothing compared to this. The froth it makes is delicious and perfect every time . Buy it now.

Meridith Janek
ito matcha

I absolutely love my ito matcha! I have given up coffee because the matcha is so good!

Margarita Thomas

ito modern matcha

Customer Reviews

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why matcha & why ito?

Ito means "Intention" in Japanese.

That's what matcha means to us.

It's the first decision we make in the morning, like making our beds or brushing our teeth so that we set our intentions towards a day that moves us in the right direction, and feel good all the while.

We say "It starts with you" because your ability to manifest your purpose & dreams start with an alignment between the little things you do every day and the you that you want to become.

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