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Organic matcha from 100% whole green tea leaves. 

Deep umami flavors and more antioxidants than most superfoods. Naturally packed with vitamins, amino acids, & minerals to promote healthy skin, healthy hair, and fat burning.

Matcha is known for cleaning gut bacteria, boosting metabolism, and offering a powerful immune system boost. The L-theanine in matcha interacts with the caffeine to increase focus and zen energy over time without jitters or crash.

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This coffee replacement can also be incorporated into your smoothies, cooking, and mixed drinks to promote the health benefits & umami tastes.



2 Grams of Matcha per Serving:

Calories: 6.48 Calories
Polyphenols 200mg
Protein 612mg
Lipids 100mg
Carbohydrates 770 mg
Tea Caffeine 50 mg
Dietary Fiber 770 mg
Theophylline 0.84 mg
ORAC Units 1384
Total Amino Acids 544 mg

Vitamin A Carotene 1.2 g
Calcium 8.4 mg
Vitamin A Retinol Equiv. 198.34 mg
Magnesium 4.6 mg
Vitamin B1 .12 mg
Potassium 54 mg
Vitamin B2 .0270 mg
Phosphorus 7 mg
Vitamin B6 .018 mg
Iron .34 mg
Vitamin C 1.2 mg
Sodium .12 mg
Vitamin E .562 mg
Zinc .126 mg
Vitamin K 58 mcg

Matcha has about 12x the nutrients as regular green tea powder, and by some studies over 137x as many antioxidants which are great for the immune system and healthy cell function.


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